Break free from traditional male adornment. 

AeZeus Baldwin was born of a desire to have a cohesive space for masculine and gender-neutral creations, marrying the fine jewelry of designer Katey Brunini with bejeweled scarves, ascots and pussy bows repurposed from antique Japanese textiles.  

“We took the idea of aristocratic ascot and made it street by honoring the past, present and future: history, craft and new-world punk,” states Brunini. 

AeZeus Baldwin explores the delicate lines between discarded and cherished, between masculine and feminine to this uncharted place where adventure begins. At a moment of unprecedented creativity in the men’s fashion space, it’s enriching to work with what exists: the historic layers of boros and kimonos. 

For the collection, Brunini tapped brand ambassador Jeffrey Baldwin, a former action sports marketing exec and pro surfer-turned-commentator. Together, they are reframing sustainability for today’s fashion world, transforming the recognizable into something strikingly fresh.